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Immagine per galleru Flicker EN


Il verde Edilgreen al DOG PARK

EDILGREEN e' lieta di invitarti alla GRANDE INAUGURAZIONE in via Varese, Gallarate! DOG PARK, un grande parco interamente curato e mantenuto da EDILGREEN. Finalmente uno spazio dedicato al tuo amico...

Design and Planning

An idea that becomes a reality.

Edilgreen s.r.l. designs green areas in a completely innovative way.

Carrying out a preliminary survey and defining objectives make it possible to bring what was just an idea to life. We try to meet customer requirements and protect and preserve the natural environment.
At the end we have an overview that combines the best of the green environment, the choice of plants and flowers to suit the type of soil and the position of the chosen green space.

Edilgreen s.r.I. takes great care in choosing materials, irrigation systems, structures and the best technical details, making the process from design and planning to creation as short as possible.
The technical skills and professionalism of our personnel make it possible to create new gardens from scratch as well as renovate existing ones in houses in the country, city terraces, holiday homes or places or residence.

The entire project is managed on CAD using Vector Works software where all the technical details are added to give the image a realistic, yet at the same time 'artistic' appearance! Using image editing programmes or painting techniques it is possible to satisfy the needs of customers who are tied to a more "traditional" way of drawing which shows that Edilgreen s.r.l., can really encompass all possibilities in the field of design and planning to meet the demands of modernity, without neglecting the artistic side of our profession.